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07.2007 - MicroSoft Release
Microsoft release the new product in the world of software . more

07.2007 - Windows Vista 2007
Microsoft updated new version for the Network world . more

07.2007 - Layaan Technologies
developed a new products for the people whome.. more

Layaan Technologies help our customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, outsourced IT solutions and services.

We have an outstanding track record of implementation in a wide range of domains, reinforced by our culture of respect, collaboration and flexibility. By applying technology in an innovative manner, we can speed up the growth of your business and enhance customer value for your enterprise. Our cutting-edge expertise spanning a wide spectrum will significantly shore up your company’s bottom line and help you re-engineer in a way that is in line with your corporate goals.

Offshore Software Development & Outsourcing
LAYAAN TECH provides offshore software development & outsourcing services.  In today’s competitive business arena, the need for effective customer relationship management is more essential than ever before.  This need drives an even higher demand on organizations to implement affordable and customized IT solutions.  IXION rises to this challenge by providing clients superior software development services, specifically tailored to be scalable in a continually evolving industry.

Offshore Software Development Services
Our clients benefit from the combination of expertise at our offshore development site and the experience and accessibility of our onsite consulting services in Denver, Colorado.  This model enables LAYAAN TECH to deliver high quality, customized applications to clients in a timely and cost effective process.

Offshore Software Development Solutions
Each project is managed through careful collaboration and Ixion Central, our proprietary Resource Management software that allows clients to monitor each step of the development process.  Our solutions are perfectly suited for companies seeking to enhance responsiveness to a demanding and complex marketplace.

Our specialized offshore software development services include:

* Custom software development

* Database integration

* Web applications

* Managed Services

* Dedicated outsourcing

Our Technical Expertise
We develop and deliver comprehensive solutions using full range of Java/J2EE and .net technologies. We have teams of professionals consisting of team leads, developers and QA professionals, who are certified and specialized in their respective skill sets. Some of our offerings are listed below:

J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JMS, JNDI), J2SE ( Swing, AWT), J2ME

.NET Technologies
.NET Enterprise Servers, VisualBasic.NET, C#, .NET Compact Framework, Web Services, SOAP, WSE,SOA,UDDI, Windows .NET Server, Windows CE.NET, COM Interop, ASP.ET, ADO.NET, GDI+ and OpenGL.



Layaantech provides outbound telemarketing services around the globe. Our outbound telemarketing department is based in India.When hiring an outbound telemarketing company you need to look for key indicators of success. Most good call centers will not take commission only contracts. This is a major obstacle we face every day when dealing with clients wanting to outsource their outbound telemarketing requirements. Although we understand your position in wanting to hedge your bets safely on a results driven campaign, the truth is you are shopping a losing campaign.

Successful outbound telemarketing companies already have good contracts in place and are not desperately seeking commission deals. A good company will always work on a flat rate. The flat rate you are charged will include motivational commissions paid out to staff to ensure your campaign is a success. Although commissions are a great way to motivate, the company you hire will be motivated enough to keep your business by succeeding with your campaign. The bottom line: if they don't succeed they lose your business.

Outbound Telemarketing
When choosing an outbound telemarketing firm, you need to ensure not only they ar staffed correctly, but their technology supports the services best fit to manage your campaign in a professional manner.

Our outbound call center is equipped with a robust technology platform featuring Altigen hardware throughout our network as well as Cisco switches and routers. We maintain the ability to provide you with custom reporting, hot transfers, 3rd party verification, digital recording, digital backup and off-site monitoring. Each workstation is equipped with desktop computers and the hardware is updated with ongoing latest techonology. That operate quickly and effectively, eliminating any lag time on the phones. Our back bone works on multiple gateways, seperating the voice gateway and data gateway. which provides optimistic voice quality and high speed web connectivity.


Inbound call center services will keep your business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! Inbound call center services caneffectively streamline your business's client communications and sales processes.

Our inbound call center offers customized services to meet your specific needs. We treat each contract we take on like a business partnership. A great synergy needs to be established between our two companies to make your inbound call center services a complete success. We'll want to understand your specific needs so we can custom tailor your inbound call center requirements. Our inbound call center is equipped with the industries state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies.

Inbound Telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing gives you the ability to concentrate on other business activities, with the peace of mind that your inbound calls are being answered in a prompt, professional and courteous manner.

Inbound telemarketing provides you with a professional way of streamlining your customer communication and sales processes.

Outsourcing your inbound telemarketing efforts will benefit your customers by providing them with the convenience of being able to do business with your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With inbound telemarketing, your sales and customer service departments can be open year round with no vacation days off.


Our well-structured selection process guarantees absolute satisfaction, both for you and the candidate. We seek to be an intimate resource partner for you, offering the finest staffing services and solutions. We have expertise in IT, ITES, BPO and KPO, and assure you of a dependable, value-added, flexible and speedy solution to all your staffing needs.

We can map your project requirements with the right consultants, who can work on flexi-engagement models across various platforms, operating systems, programming languages, databases, applications, website development, networks, e-commerce, ERP development, software engineering and project management. With such a practical model, you can:

* Augment your enterprise with precise skills for a specified period of time.
   Free yourself from the rigmarole of advertising, screening and verifying      credentials.
* Eliminate unproductive overheads.
* Operate a flat environment, with every person being optimally engaged.

We have workstations divided into independent labs based on the teams working on different projects along with dedicated conference rooms for all the teams.   The Hardware includes Pentium IV machines, dedicated servers (windows, linux, unix) and the communication includes leased lines with back up connection. The teams have access to round-the-clock internet and e-mail access and also dedicated conferencing facilities for each team. Generator/UPS back-up provided with 24 hours uptime. Also provided are physical security with restricted access and network security through firewall implementations and other isolation mechanisms.

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